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* #花籃 :黃先生 0911-109-886/0987-737-031
* #治喪事宜 :瑞夫 0910-690-347(請以訊息為主)


瑞夫 敬叩

To those who cares about Sho-er

Our dearest and loveliest grandma had left us in the morning of May 23. As the closest family, even though my heart feels all kinds of broken, but knowing from now on she has no disease and pain, we will accompany her to walk though the last section of her life journey, to return her life dedication for us.

A special thank to everyone who has accompanied us on this amazing journey over the years. Because of you, my family and grandmother have left many unforgettable memories. I believe that people who have had the opportunity to get along with grandma will always remember her cheerful smile.

Sho-er is currently temporarily staying at No.33, Jingda Hall, 大甲殯儀館 and will be moved to the mourning hall at No.23 on May 30. The date of the public memorial ceremony will set on June 2 10:10. If you would like to come and talk to grandma, you can go there. If you want to inquire about offering basket, please contact the following members of the funeral society. Please contact me about the laying of incense.

If you want to participate in the public memorial ceremony, make incense sticks, or inquire about funeral arrangements, please contact me (Reef) directly. Since funeral arrangements are complicated, please contact through messages.

During the funeral, I implore everyone to respect the feelings of the family members, do not call home, or do not disturb other family members, if there is any late response or poor hospitality, please forgive me. Flower basket: Mr. Huang +886 911-109-886/+886 987-737-031 Funeral matters: Reef +886 910-690-347 (Please use messages as the main source)